Motorhome Faults and Problems encountered


Burstner Wheels : Chrome Plating is peeling off!


Rear Offside Wheel closeup

We bought our Burstner IXEO IT664 in October 2010. At that time it was 18 months old (first registered in March 2009) with 7900 miles on the clock but internally it did not look as if it had been used very much at all. It had everything we wanted at the time, though we have invested in several other new functions and features since - see Motorhome Matters


Rear offside wheel

We noticed black marks appearing on the chrome wheels last year. These have grown larger and we realised that the chrome plate was separating from the wheels. 

We have had them looked at by the Fiat dealer who does the servicing and they have no answer. 

As you can see from the photographs the wheels are not uniformly affected.


Rear Offside


Front Offside


Front Offside


Front Nearside


Front Nearside


Rear Nearside


Rear Nearside closeup


Rear Nearside

The adverse affect on the sleek lines and colour of the motorhome is obvious; it is such a pity to have the fabulous sight of this wonderful motorhome so marred in this way. 

Many of the fellow motorhomers we have met have noticed and commented on it.

It is getting worse, too! 

The front offside wheel seems OK just now but I fear that it will go the same way.

We cannot help feel that this must be a design fault so we’ll be requesting comment from Burstner.

I’ll provide updates on this issue.

Using a motorhome inevitably will result in maintenance issues

The day you get your motorhome, everything is perfect; it’s exciting; you cannot wait to get out and about. 

This is Bixie; our home for three months as we travel around Europe.

Overtime there are going to be maintenance issues and problems. It’s how you deal with them that adds to the great knowledge you acquire about motor homing, camping (or in our case, glamping) and all the places and sites you visit.

Possibly the greatest resource of information are the fellow campers you meet. I do not think anyone, no matter how long they’ve been motorhoming or caravanning, has learnt everything there is to know.

We know a great deal more now than when we first started in late 2010, but we are always grateful to talk to others and hear about there experiences.

This section of the website documents some of the technical problems we have encountered with our motorhome.

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