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New Menus and Pages added

Menus and pages for Cancún 2013 and Motorhome Travels 2014 have been added in December / January.

Web Security Update

The Travels Menu is no longer secured. Only the Members menu requires a username and password.

Comments function added to Blog

Comment functionality has been added to the Blog page to allow visitors to respond to entries.

Web SIte Security

I have added a level of security to the Travels and Family menus to protect personal images and data. 

Please contact me on the link below to request a username and password.

Web Site Development

I have been keeping Family & Friends updated in Facebook and sharing our travel photos in Flickr but my intent has always been to develop my own web site to achieve the same without having concerns about complex privacy settings.

This is my attempt at doing so. Comments and feedback, good or bad, will be appreciated.

E-mail me :

First Post

We have resurrected the Wii, which did not work correctly on our 3D TV; we reinstalled it this week on the HD TV upstairs and now the audio is in synch once more.

Margaret and I played tennis on the original Wii Sports almost everyday back in the day, so it's great to be able to resume our needle-match. 

Our Wii golf is a bit rusty so we'll have to practice some to get back to our previous expert level.

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