Concepts, Plans and Planning

Our aim this year is to maximise time in the motorhome; seeing as much as we can of this country and the European Continent. We will again tour some part of Europe between April and June; and hope that the weather in this country for the rest of the year will be less wet and windy as 2013 so that we can get out more.


February 2014; 

We have been to Berwick-on-Tweed before and the area is a favourite. The coast of Northumberland is quite spectacular, with castles, coves and fabulous beaches. We have previously stayed at Ord House Country Park which we can highly recommend but Seafield Caravan Park, Seahouses, Northumberland is right on our favourite beach (Magan & Maya’s favourite to be more accurate). For us, there is the additional attraction of free access to the Ocean Club with swimming pool, and health spa. Everyone’s needs will be satisfied. Looking forward to our stay at Seafield from 21st (our Wedding Anniversary) - 27th February. 

Continental Europe:

April - June 2014;

Options being considered for this year’s trip are Croatia, Italy and France.

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