Motorhome Faults and Problems encountered


Shiny Alloy Wheels for Bixie!


Original Burstner Chrome Wheels after 4 years! Noticable damage became apparent in the 3rd year.


The wheels were stripped and refurbished in an alloy finish

Just like new!

Just like new! It took a while.

We reported in September 2014 that we would be approaching Burstner for comment on the condition of the wheels.

We did this through Perthshire Caravans who are Burstner dealers and because we bought the motorhome from them in October 2010.

Burstner, while not mentioning any design  fault, did offer 20% discount for replacement chrome wheels. We decided to accept this and placed an order on 9th October.

We heard nothing further, despite reminders, until March this year; Perthshire Caravans now advising that chrome wheels were no longer available from Burstner. 

In the meantime, we had been hearing from others in the trade that there was a design issue with them; that they had seen many requiring refurbishment. They all suggested we get our wheels refurbished in alloy.

Knowepark Caravans in Livingston, who do all our motorhom maintenance, made inquiries on our behalf and referred us to Protek (Bathgate) Ltd.

They have done a fabulous job!

Protek do not do this work themselves but they have arrangements with some experts in the field, using the the most appropriate for the requirements specified. Ours were that we wanted a hard and lasting finish, including the wheel bolts, that they should have a polished (shiny) look, the Burstner emblem needed to be refitted, but that the wheels should not be done in chrome.

Protek made it very simple for us. We delivered Bixie (the motorhome) to them on Monday morning, having remembered to detach the TyrePal Pressure Transmitters off each wheel. Protek removed the wheels and tyres, keeping the vehicle on the ramp. The wheels were collected by the refurbishers, restored and returned within 4 days! Protek refitted the wheels, tyres, rebalanced and fitted new valves. We got Bixie back on Thursday last week - looking splendid in the sun!

We cannot recommend Protek highly enough - they provided a great service; just as they did when Bixie needed bodywork back in 2011 when I reversed too close to the house and punctured the skin on a protruding downpipe.

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