Battery Upgrade

This year we plan to be a little more adventurous when travelling in Europe and hope to make use of Aires and France Passion sites. As these will not normally have electricity connections we have installed two new batteries and the NDS iMANAGER advanced multi-battery system to provide automated protection, monitoring, extra security and peace of mind.

Over time we’ll be able to report on how effective this solution is.

iManager was supplied and fitted by Knowepark Caravans and Motorhomes in Livingston, Scotland


Automatic or manual management of one or two service batteries, even of different technology and amperage

• Specific engine battery output, when service battery charge is 100% (e.g.: storage)

• Displays the level of charge of accumulators

• Displays charge and discharge tension and Ampere

• Automatic or manual battery switch-off (below 11V), through the touch screen

• Displays information and recommendations on the batteries management and maintenance

• Date and time

• Temperature monitoring during charge/discharge, for an improved security

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