Margaret’s Diary : Glenbarr, Kintyre

 18th April 2015: 

Ah well, Day 5 of Big Adventure No. 3 has been rather good. Beautiful weather, wakened to sunshine, sea and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach below. We haven't put Bixie's blinds up, guess no-one can see this far from Northern Ireland, Islay, Jura or Gigha. Found the local shop 2 miles away - love it ! It has been run by the same guy for over 40 years and it sells most things in quite small square footage. Even has a microwave to heat up any snacks you buy. Despite having gone for only newspapers and eggs, we left with about £20 of goodies (^_^). After breakfast, did some basic maintenance on Bixie and then headed to the Mull of Kintyre. Ended up on a road which challenged the D558 in the South of France for being one not to do again! Miles of single track, really single track with small Passing Places, most of the road full of pot-holes, but the views, if you could look down from the height, that is, were beautiful. We arrived at the parking area and noted how far away the Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse was and decided maybe it was too much for my poor old knees and HL's back so we went about 100 metres down the track road to meet a spectacular view of a deep turquoise ocean, we were looking over to Northern Ireland. 


 Sean, on the pitch next door to us, said that on a clear day you could almost see the sun shining off the car windscreens in Ireland - it really felt that close today ! HL got some photos and we headed back towards Southend (not on sea), only slightly held back by a ewe and her two lambs who decided an early afternoon stroll on the road was in order. Found a lovely Tea room in Muneroy. It was built in the late 40's in art deco style and still has the original fireplace and domed ceilings today. Nice lunch there. Had a look at Machrihanish - very pretty - and headed for Campbeltown. My uncle and his family stayed there (some of them still do) and it is clear why this town held such an attraction for them. It is such a friendly place, of course Magan and Maya drew a lot of attention, the girls in the National Trust shop even insisting that they come in.

Back to Bixie and a wee while sitting out on the Lafumas. I'm reading Trust in Me by Sophie McKenzie at the minute and it is almost unputdownable. I've already read her book Close My Eyes which was so good. Time for dinner now and Britain's Got Talent before the sea air knocks us out.

This area is amazing, the site lacks quite a lot in facilities, no laundry, for instance, but it is run by a lady whose only wish is that you have a great time here. She turned up yesterday evening with 6 fresh eggs from her pullets who have just started laying, and wouldn't take any money for them. Love the sign in the Toilets/Shower area which says - If you are smoking in here then you'd better be on fire - (^_^). There is a wee hut nearby which has vegetables, flowers and eggs, you just help yourself and put the money in the Honesty Box. To cap it all, Palm Trees abound in this area - love it !



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