From Killegruer Caravan Site to North Ledaig, Oban

HL's Report 21st April 2015 :

Killegruer Caravan Site, run by Anne Littleson, is a fabulous site, enjoyed by many who have been returning for years. You cannot say better than that, I guess. We certainly will go back sometime.

But our four days here are over (20th April) and we head north to Oban; to North Ledaig in fact. The Caravan Club’s North Ledaig site. 

The trip along the A83 to Lochgilphead, then A816 to Oban was a bumpy ride - 82 miles of undulating and twisty road; but we made good time.

The weather yesterday was wonderful, lovely warm sunshine, and we saw the site and view across the bay to Mull in all its glory.

LPG Supply problems:

One of the challenges we found when planning this trip is the scarcity of filling stations with autogas (LPG) pumps. Everywhere we have been - Scotland, England and France have a high population of autogas sources so we are surprised that there are few places to top up our LPG system on the west coast of Scotland. Imagine our pleasant surprise then that we found  one source in Oban  and another just 2 miles from the North Ledaig campsite - at Tralee Bay Holidays

 Friendly & Helpful:

The staff at North Ledaig were lovely; friendly, helpful and very laid back. The contrast between this site and most Caravan Club Sites is very marked - elsewhere the strict adherence to the rules is sometimes oppressive but here they managed with ease to make us feel welcome and that nothing was too much trouble. If only every Caravan Club site was like this one….

Today has been a day to relax and unwind, though the sky was overcast. 

We have been to Oban before but not in Bixie. This time the weather was perfect and the outlook bright. The view from the pitch over to Mull was breathtaking!

We will come back to North Ledaig for a longer stay in the future, but for now, this is really a two-day stopover.


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