Gairloch to Altandhu, near Achiltibuie

The journey from Gairloch to Althandhu was not without incident.

Every minute of the drive was spectacular; around every corner another breathtaking view!

We stopped in a lay-by on the A832 to enjoy looking down on Loch Ewe (just past Poolewe).


Loch Ewe


The Bixie Train just before being grounded!!

Exiting this lay-by with a right turn back on to the road to Ullapool we ground to a halt, literally, with a crunch!! Motorhome stuck, blocking the road completely ~ causing a tailback on both sides. The road had been quiet until this moment, of course.

Quick examination revealed that Bixie’s rear  and  trailer’s front had both grounded in a dip between lay-by and road! One pointing down, the other up. Help!!!

Trying to reverse achieved nothing; a kind and patient motorist came over to offer assistance; with his advice we managed to slowly drive out of the dip and on to the road… but not without more grinding and crunching!

No obvious damage observed so we moved on as I waved my apologies with embarrassment to the waiting queue of drivers and passengers.

Other photos of the journey are posted in the photo album for Altandhu.

The LPG tanks were needing topping up and I had established that Loch Broom Garage in Ullapool had an autogas pump. However, it turned out that this was not a petrol station as such; the LPG pump was enclosed at the side of their cluttered yard with cars and other obstacles everywhere.

We had to detach the trailer (with car) at the side of the road, then return with Bixie to manouevre to the pump. LPG hoses have a maximum legal length and getting close enough to connect was a real challenge.

Onward and upward (hills and mountains) towards Altandhu. The last 15 miles were exclusively on single track roads - nice! I began to feel like it was rush hour judging by the number of vehicles we met coming the other way!

Not all passing places were big enough for the 12 metre length of the Bixie train but made it we did.

And was it worth it when we arrived? It was! The campsite is wonderfully set on the shoreline, and the weather has been lovely and warm. 

We are going to enjoy our four days here at Port a Bhaígh campsite. The facilities are wonderful, new, clean. The site is run from the hotel across the road and they have a restaurant with local seafood - looking forward to enjoying a meal there :-)


View from our pitch


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