This website is not designed for marketing and it is not intended to allow general advertising to spoil our readers’ enjoyment of the travelogue and other content. There are embedded links to suppliers and products  I have used in our travels and for our motorhome where these might be of interest to readers; but none of these provide me with any income or incentives. 

However, in retirement, when not travelling nor planning travel I wanted to find something to occupy my mind, help keep my brain sharp and perhaps establish a means of supplementing our pensions to continue funding our nomadic lifestyle.

I wanted something different from trading my time, as I did in employment throughout my working life; rather trading value ~ something that would allow me to work from home or motorhome, or anywhere in the world, working for myself for as little time as possible - my business in my laptop, in fact! Whatever did we do before the worldwide web and wi-fi? 

I have spent the past fews months, since returning from France last July and after the Scottish Referendum in September, to which I devoted some time, researching internet marketing and its possibilities.

After wading through many offers and highly questionable ‘opportunities’ I found and joined an events and education company as an affiliate. I view this as a trusted program which provides training, personal business coaching and training products that the affiliate can leverage and earn high commissions from. No pressure, no targets, no minimums; no maximum earnings. 

The responsibility of the affiliate is to generate leads to their sales funnel. There are no sales calls to make; there is a team dedicated to that on behalf of the affiliate.

I am not making a hard sell on this page and will be making no further comments on this website about it.

However, if, like us, you might be seeking an alternative income stream, or are worried about your pension funding, then this might be worth a look.

Clicking the button below will not commit you to anything but it will provide you with information.

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