Kawan Village Camping du Port Caroline, Brain sur L’Authion, 26th - 28th April

HL 27th April continued...

Moved yesterday to a town called Brain sur L'Authion, near Angers and Saumer at campsite Camping du Port Caroline. 
Again, this was a first for us in that we did not book in advance! However, no problem and we have a nice pitch.

Most of France is in deluge! That's not the french farmers demonstrating against something or other, it's chucking it down! MSL, ever cheerful, reckons Bixie needs a wash anyway; but Les Chiens pense c'est un real pissue!

Our technical challenges continue, though. The university of nomad life opened up a new chapter. We have no electricity and we are depending our new leisure battery management system to keep our lights on. Our RCD blew when we plugged into the pitch mains circuit on arrival yesterday. The main man on site was very helpful and came to the rescue; except, he concluded, reasonably on the evidence, that the fault 'est dans le camping-car'. He directed us to Caravanning Central, 25 kilometres away, in Angers for technical diagnosis and fix.

Guess what? Nothing wrong with Bixie!!! The guy's (no English) first action, reasonably, was to plug us in. Power on; quelle surprise! So what's up, Doc?

Back to campsite; same problem, but main man's own Motorhome works fine. I begin to think there is something wrong with the site's mains circuits; and will avoid any further attempts to find a solution.

Hence last night with batteries and gas only. But this is no huge issue. We can see, cook, keep warm, watch TV and we have the internet. The downside is no hairdryer, and a little difficulty charging the laptop. We have an inverter to charge the iPads & iPhones.

This is true glamping and an excellent test of our resilience and staying powers.

MSL, ever vigilant for signs of better weather, says the nearest real sun is 500 miles away! So, tomorrow we'll start heading south as fast  as we can go but it'll probably take three or four stops to get there; La Rochelle (better weather than here), then Cognac (a must methinks), then somewhere around Gujan - Mesres on the Atlantic coast, and on to Biarritz. Simples!

MSL 30th April

We survived the campsite at Brian sur L'Authion. It was quite a nice campsite, didn't care much for the resident cockerel's early morning shout, the loos which came with toilet paper but no loo seats, gave the shower block a miss and, of course, the lack of electricity and, more importantly, hairdryer. Of course the rainy weather turned by hair into a frizzy mess but I got used to looking as if I had been dragged through a hedge backwards after a couple of days. Homer coped OK, he always surprises me (^_^). The main man on the site bore a close resemblance to Manuel in Fawlty Towers, which did not encourage confidence, although he was very helpful.

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