Eurotunnel; Folkestone - Calais - Folkestone;
18th April & 30th June 2014

It is so easy to get to France on Eurotunnel! At Folkestone, the operation is so slick; registration number recognition identifies you automatically and presents you with your boarding documentation.

Driving on to the train is easy, even with a 12 metre vehicle and trailer length. The journey takes 35 minutes! Drive off at Calais, on to the A16 autoroute.

Simple! Except...

MSL Day 8 - 18 April 2014

Our SatNav had been set for Villiers d’Authie from Calais as a leg of a grouped route. Again, a wee misunderstanding, we soon realised it was taking us back to Le Shuttle, so we had to detour along the Rue de St Omer (must be a long road, St Omer is still 34 kms away) and various other back roads until we were back on the A16 and heading in the right direction. What fun! Won’t be using group routes in future!

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