Aire Rugles,
25th - 26th April

HL 27th April

We eventually had a much enjoyed and relaxing 7 nights in Villers-sur-Authie, finishing with another wonderful dinner in the campsite Restaurant. The weather broke as we left to travel southwest towards the Loire valley and the area around Saumur.

That's a much greater distance than we are capable of in one go - 450 km - so we intended to stop half way, find a place to stay somewhere and experience our first overnight in a village Aire. We identified a promising one in our Aires of France Directory in a village called Rugles, some 25-30 kilometres off the A28 motorway.

Rugles, France

Rugles, France

Aires have limited spaces and so are on a first come first served basis, and cannot be pre-booked. However, there are aires in almost every village and town so we were quite happy to try this out; and they are usually free.

And so to Rugles; a lovely little town, not village, as it turned out; and there was space for our rather long Bixie Train; and free electricity (a bonus). The experience was excellent; quiet, a field next door so M&M were happy running free and chasing the frisbee.

I got some lovely photos in Rugles; though have not yet seen the results on the big screen.

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